Capptain is a quick, easy and reliable way to communicate logistical information regarding your games and practices between you and you're teammates. Capptain is connected through the team's league website to gather information about games locations, times, changes to games & cup games. Capptain shows you what you need to know when you need to know it.


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Axure


Trixie Calaquian & Saba Nowroozi 



We decided to study and conduct research with the Breakerz soccer team who play out of Coquitlam. Our team developed and released several methods of User Research including initial ethnographic research, cultural probes, personas, informance videos, participatory workshop and prototype workshops.


The team had no captain so logistical information was often lost between teammates and all the different communication platforms.




We proposed to investigate the problem area of team communication.



Part of our intial research process was to break down the daily activities of the teammates during their week and begin to understand each individual’s attitude towards technology.


We deployed cultural probes and hosted user workshops. The outcome of these research methods aided in our design direction. We concluded that we needed to make a flexible, quick and seamless interaction between the communication of each individual and the facilitator or the practice or game.




The UX & UI is designed to be flexible and allow for only the necessary information shown at any given time with the possibility to look up more if the user desires. We felt this proposal was a success our application is able to quickly and effortlessly gather logistical information from the team and allow the users to probe the application for useful information about upcoming events.